At BullRun, we focus on addressing challenges that can be solved by applying creative solutions. We seek out key advantages: proprietary and protected technologies, innovative business models, and especially teams able to perform at the top of their game.

Typically we look to back ventures that offer,

An extraordinary discovery or possibility, an innovative technology or superior business approach.

Unusual opportunities to push the envelope with new markets sectors, or even contrarian approaches to existing sectors.

Thinking outside the box can deliver impressive results.  Simply stretching the box can also unveil huge possibilities.

We’ve all experienced that light-bulb moment where you think to yourself “I wish I had thought of that!” Those are the kind of ideas we love to discover. Simple, almost predictable in hindsight, yet brilliant.  Cleaner technologies that actually earn revenue while doing good things, more efficient solutions that decrease wasted and massive expenditures… or an overlooked or undervalued resource… We hope to find visionaries able to rethink old ideas, challenge traditions and transform entire industries. These are the opportunities we aim to evaluate and propel into reality.

Market Disruption is Good  – Large or Small – The Impact on New or Established Markets can be Profitable.

Disruption can shake established foundations and unearth new opportunities that spread wings around the world. This is how fortunes are made. We embrace change as exciting and powerful.

Managed Risk Determines our Pathway to Success.

Reward without risk is a fallacy. Managed risk though a balanced evaluation process allows us to move quickly so everyone involved can learn the true value of the project before costs become unwieldy. We aim to unearth the major risk factors upfront in order to clearly define the milestones and timelines needed for success.

Our Mission: To Help Build Great Businesses.

We’re here to help responsible entrepreneurs in their quest to achieve legacy accomplishments. If you have a compelling opportunity, or a proven track record, or other exceptional credentials, we want to learn more. Working as a team we aim to take deserving projects to the next level.  If we can help to forge a solid foundation, and if the technology or concept has merit, revenue will follow.